Professional Model/Mannequin for reference?

I was interested in buying some additional tools to help me with drawing, one of them I thought might be useful would be a figure/mannequin that i could put on my desk, that i could quickly alter into positions for quick reference.

Is this a good idea? If it is, which product would you recommend?

If there are better ways of getting quick reference, what would you recommend for that?


Well, you can look at “Body-kun” if you’re looking for something physical. I use free versions of digital posers like for browser and “Magic Poser” on my phone. It ain’t the best but it gets the job done in my experience. Clip Studio Paint has models you can pose too.

The mannequins are often seen as bad reference. it messes up your the way you see anatomy and posing. It also will deteriorate the gesture in your drawings. Without a strong understanding of body mechanics, I highly recommend you take reference photo and videos of yourself. Investing in a convenient set up for that will best help you in the long run.