Question about seconds and frames forms!

I learned about storyboard and found seconds and frames forms really difficult… If one scene in storyboard is 2:26, would it be 2+26? It means… 2x24=frames and 48+26=74 frames? I was watching E-conte on YouTube and not easy at all. Sometimes I need a teacher or anime school, but I can’t find somewhere. If anyone has the knowledge, please tell me.

if one scene is 2:26 usually it means 2 minutes 26 seconds (1 minute = 60 sec / 2min 26sec = 146 sec). If so and we use standard 24 frame/sec it would be 146sec*24frame = 3504 frames. If it’s animated on twos so only every second one is new it would be 1252 original images.
Hope this helps!