RETAS studio help

I just got RETAS studio [TraceMan 6.5, Stylos 2.5,PaintMan 6.5,CoreRETAS 6.5] (dont ask how ^-^) but i have been looking for tutorials on it and not found much (in eng anywhay) so if anyone knows more about this software.
I do most of my work in CSP rn but am looking to do more work on paper (as most UK schools/teachers dont except digital works as “art”). i have GTS as well and have been useing that so far but from what ive seen from the old ad vids this looks like trace man will be better for scanning. I have also worked out how to basically how to use paint man (I test coloured something I made in CSP). as far as I know Stylos is just for drawing digitly (no idea how to use it). CoreRETAS, I dont know what it does at all.
I have got to this website which has been helpful so far.

so… yer… any help would be nice!
thank you for reading

  • does anyone know how to make trace man scann in a higher DPI?
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oh and this may help us

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