Scotland Loves Anime

There is an event in my local area called Scotland Loves Anime, and the organisers that run it have invited studio Triggers director Hiroyuki Imaishi, Shigeto Koyama, Hiromi Wakabayashi. In addition to that, Shuzo Shiota and Jack Liang from Polygon Pictures are coming as well. So if anyone has any burning questions they want me to ask them pealse leave them here and I will try to address them if they run a Q&A section. I am going with people form my animation class for the education day that runs on the 18th of October 10-2, so there isn’t much time left, sorry for the short notice.

here is the link to their website:


How do they over exaggerate their movements
And how to come become better at facial expressions
What they do to have choreography for their fights scenes
How do they come up with cinematics

Hope this isn’t too late
Thx anyway

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For Imaishi:

How important do you think formal art education is for gaining the skill required to enter the anime industry for people who eventually want to be Enshutsu?

Sorry the event has finished before I read your question, however I do have an answer to the first question from Ninjavsbear. Imaishi said that when he begins drawing characters, he first makes them regular and normal during the day, but later on at night he would deform them to make them more irregular. That’s probably not the answer you were looking for, but that is Imaishi’s work process as he describes it,

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Lol I kinda don’t understand by regular and then iregular

Probably that he starts out with plain designs that you’d see anywhere, then pushes those designs at “night” (i wonder if he means literally, like before he sleeps).

yeah that’s what he meant, during the end of the day he would make them more Trigger-like as we know it, but do take that answer of his with a grain of salt as this doesn’t really tell us anything about the thought process of how and why he exaggerates them the way he does from his more plain drawings.

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he’s a pretty instinctual guy, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that was just something he liked to do, and it came naturally to him.

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