Short Project underway! Starlight Accessors

This short project was put into production to test my abilities as a writer and animator. I wanted to make Christian, non-magical, tokasatsu, Power Rangerish characters. So, after many failed and doubtful attempts, I created the “Starlight Accessors”

The title comes from my childhood, it was my first idea of a tech-based, Power Ranger/Magical Girlesque idea. I wanted a group of guy characters with that could transform and use attacks on random monsters of the day and the main villains. While keeping up with life, school, the common aesthetics of powered teens.

Story: A phenomenon called the “Aurora Break Wave” (ABW for short) surrounded the people of Pearl Isles. It made way for new technology and helped revolutionize their economy, however it was discovered that if corrupted by “Bleak Matter” (BM for short), causes physical changes and irrational behavior among humans and non-living things. A secret group known as “Legion” wants to take control of the ABW and conquer Pearl Isles.

The creator of “BM”, Dr. Forward is cast into isolation, forced to make more of it. However, before his disappearance his only son, Chase Forward encounters “BM”. Severely injured by its side effects, Dr. Forward created the “Starlight Streak” (SS for short) to recover him and combat the “BM”.

After four years past, the “ABW” is in danger of being tainted by the Bleak Matter but a gleam of hope appears…the STARLIGHT ACCESSORS comes to the rescue. Carriers of the Starlight Streak and protecting Pearl Isles and the Aurora Break Wave from the greedy, dreadful grips of Legion.

Its been awhile since I’ve check sakugafoundry, so hey guys! I’m still alive and kicking. This short project will be testing my animation skills and more.

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That’s a cute title image, I like the design. I think it conveys the non-magical premise well :smiley:

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