Should i Give up drawing?

I am drawing since the age of 21.
I First started drawing anime sketch copying characters that i liked.
From age 22 to 23 i trained myself at home by watching courses and on books, to paint and draw realistic portrait, and results are pretty good.
Everyone tell me that i should pursue drawing portrait they are awesome, i got 2/3 commissions but ive stopped because i didnt enjoyed… its boring.
Then at age 23 i discovered how illustrations, manga, animations, can capture the heart of people and i am actually training myself to leave the realistic style to approach a more “Illustrative” one.
I were drawing an image for 20/30+ hours and it was boring.
Now i draw one image per day and they look pretty fkn bad! Look like it os painted by a kid, but i am actually trying hard to minimize the amount of unecessary informations on it. It should be simple and effective.
The big fact is that now I am 25, i worked with a side job since now, and i were doing art on the side, everyday, 4h a day.
Social life isnt going so good so i decided for now to leave all jobs.
You wonder why am i asking for help here. Because I really like to do a own manga or animation because i think its the best “medium” to tell.stories atm.
I really would pay gold to have a job into art but in my country there are any and I wouldnt like to have to forcely travel into other places, for example Japan, that i do not share as “working place” for some reason.
Anyway I am in a very good country, Italy, here all is good, except if you search something in art. Art here count “zero”. Here is more important to do pizza than do art. Trust me if i say this thing. Dont trust museums.

Wrapping it up… sorry for my bad english… i tried my best… What is your advice? Should i give up?

You shouldn’t give up if you really want to do it. I don’t know much about art in other countries but Japan and America (more specifically the midwest) but you should focus on self promotion on the internet. Advertise yourself on social platforms.
I’m 23 and still drawing like I’m 12 (even then there are some 12 year olds who draw better than me) but that’s okay! As long as you enjoy art and telling stories. You will make it one day. Just gotta get out there.
Commissions are hit or miss though. If you do not like them have you thought about selling prints? Going to conventions to sell art?


Don’t give up. Everyone has bad patches. I’ve been drawing for longer than some people here have been alive, and I’ve taken plenty of breaks and nearly given up a few times along the way. Just keep searching for what it is you enjoy and keep practicing. If something isn’t working, search for a new method and keep your mind open to new approaches and techniques.

Just remember that great feeling of satisfaction you get when you’ve drawn something you like, and keep chasing that.


Hello Lillo. I’ll second Yougurthead above in looking for new methods. If you are struggling to get the results you want after investing so many hours (20 to 30 hours is a lot for one drawing), it means your drawing basics are probably not well developed yet. Luckly, there are proven and consistent methods out there to train and re-train this habilites. If you want, I could suggest some via DM. Let me know.

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At the very least, you could share some of your pictures so that we can understand what might be wrong with your approach.
In any case, you can always have animation / drawing as a hobby, and then just switch to it when you are good enough for the industry.

Traditional, took around 20 hours, :point_up:Charcoal on paper.

@Yogurthead @DragonGasai


Digital, took around 3 hours👇



These are beautiful!
Honestly i love that portrait!
You dont like spending much time on a single drawing right? That second one with the girl you git bored?

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Looking at your artwork, I’ve come to see you’re just overly critical on what you make. This looks really great! My art skills are terrible, but I’m still here to learn, like everyone here. Hell you can teach me. This is an environment to help grow after all.

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Yea, those are great. What you seem to be suffering from is the usual case of “I hate my stuff” that even amazing artists get.

If you’re concerned about the time per piece, start doing timed drawings with a short limit, or look around for some ideas on how to speed up your work. It’s not going to be an instant change, but being able to work quickly is pretty important in animation, so it’s worth the time investment IMO.

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Thanks you all for the help!
Yeah… the art could be really cool, but i feel so bored when doing it for 20+ hours.
I am actually searching and discovering how to compress thoose 20 hours into 2 or less. That would be so amazing!
Anyone know hint,tips,advices I could embrace to tell the story with less information in so small amount of time? Thats so interesting thing that makes me happy and sad at the same time :slight_smile:

I do not like the digital one, Its my first attempt, Its so hard to replicate my skills knowledge into Digital tools, and over that, finding a new way! :slight_smile:

Trust me, theres no wall or obstacle to do and became good at art! :+1:t3:
What i would like to do is a completely different thing (compress the 20 hours to 2)

I am gonna do it :slight_smile:
I will trial and error methods

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I have been in your situation.I come from a poor country where art i can say it exist in just a small amount. Manga doesnt exist at all, someone just know about it. But i can give you an advice. I have a very much experience in drawing manga realistc style. I know ways on how to improve even by just dedicating 3 or 2 hours a day . But it will need some effort on your side. You will need to practice every fckin day.And in 3 years you will see a good results., for more details write me on my mail or in pvt if its possible. Here is my fb account where i generally post.

I know an italian guy who is doing freelance anime work while also working full time. So I can assure you there are ways to get there if you really want to.

Arifumi Imai? are you on about Hachi?

Probably kinda late but these are very well done! Im ain’t a pro in art or Animation but i some stuff about anatomy and such and these are brilliantly done, they way you described your self earlier totally didn’t match what you showed but rather it was surprising! If you feel like you are taking too much time, dont worry its a part of the learning process, probably many have already said this! If you feel like taking a break and trying something else, go for it! But never give up!