Some Important General questions

I’m in my beginning in Anime production, So I have some questions

What’s the standard Paper size for animation frames?
I will start with the paper first then I will go to Digital animation.

What’s the best dpi for computer scanning paper?
What’s the general program for Coloring Japanese anime to make them have the same style
Should I use the colored lines (green-red-blue-yellow) in the drawing to color it digitally?
if I should do, Is the pencil’s color good for it?

Thank you all for the time :slight_smile::hugs:

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So I’m fairly new to animation myself so I can’t provide you with professional information. Just personal experience info.
Paper- I haven’t used paper yet so I don’t know
DPI- I do everything digitally so I usually stick to 144-300
Programs used by Anime Industry:
Colored Lines- Yes use colored lines as much as possible and get used to it as fast as possible because you will be using them just as much as black lines. If I remember correctly “Opentoonz” converts your drawing into vector so it will be easier to edit (I may be wrong though).

Hopefully I’ve answered your questions partly.

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Thank you for the information
And it helped me to search well