Striving for Animation Discord! (APPLICATIONS OPEN)

Hello everyone, it’s finally here! The Striving for Animation discord! This is something that has been highly requested, but the general consensus was that a discord would take away from the forum’s activity. So the solution we created was a discord that is application only.

The reason this server is application only is because the server has industry pros in it who are available and willing to provide notes and feedback to you on your way to becoming a professional animator. Since their time is very limited we are limiting the initial round of admittance to 5 people.

There are two roles in the discord server “Striver” which would be most of you guys, and “Professional Strivers”. Strivers will be individuals who are seriously committed to making 2d Japanese animation be their career, they will be people who have a good grasp on the basics of drawing, and are just now making the next step toward becoming an animator for the anime industry.
The Professional strivers, are english-speaking individuals who are currently working in the Japanese animation industry. We still call them strivers because artists never stop learning!

The application requires a submission of a portfolio, which should show drawing ability and an understanding of basic construction skills, drawing from reference, & some understanding of animation principles. We can’t accept beginners because there are plenty of resources online for learning how to draw & we can’t let the server get too bogged down with drawing fundamentals. Members of the server will be required a weekly completed 1 second animation (minimum). Along with a soft requirement of daily drawing posting.

Soon we will have a guide which will help absolute beginners get to the skill level required to join the server, for now, use your own judgement and only apply if you believe you will be accepted. If you are unsure though, please still apply and we will let you know why if you are denied entry to the server.

We will only accept up to 5 users for this initial round as of 11/17/2019. After which applications will be closed until an additional pro joins the server or until a striver upgrades to a pro striver.

Discord Application

If you are an industry professional and would like to join the server send me a PM, and we will get you added to the server.


Very cool idea and an awesome opportunity! Best of luck to the applicants :smiley:


how to send sample works for the portfolio? only a link from recent artwork is available in the application

When is the deadline for application?

No deadline though if the 5 slots fill up the application will close

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The link you sent in is fine


Just submitted my application! :disappointed_relieved::triumph:

i have a question . when will we get email? :sweat_smile:

Applications are now closed, but I will be emailing everyone that got an application in this week. There are 10 more applicants for me to review, and there is only one slot left, so good luck!

Am always the one with bad luck :joy:.
And i send the art i did 3 months ago my drawing is much improved than that. levi berserk one if you see in forumns. I more draw on paper now so i could learn the feature of body faster.
Their s 20 or 30 % chance. Ill submit better art next time. Thanks for replying

i wanna apply my stuff too but theres alot of roughs,not so good ones andd theres only a handfull of stuff im truly proud of ;-;

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I was wondering if you would consider accepting applications from people who don’t plan to work in the industry going forward.

The discord server will only be for people who want to get into the industry


aww… i’m too late for apply
well its there any room in the future, i would like to apply!

Are all the reviews done? Not sure if mine went through

All applicants have been responded to!

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Applications have reopened!

We are accepting 10 people this time around, so get your applications in quickly. We won’t be responding to everyone this time, only people who have filled out the application properly, so make sure to follow the instructions.


What a great thing to wake up to!

Best of luck, everyone :smiley:

I hope I completed the form correctly

Heyy at least i was able to catch it second time around.