Striving for Animation Discord! (APPLICATIONS OPEN)

Gonna throw my hat in the ring. Good luck everyone!


I’m interested, but it seems like it’s been closed. Jarrett hasn’t been active both on this website and youtube. Is he OK?

Lol, he is striving for animation while studying Japanese. Two extremely difficult and time consuming activities. He did mention finishing 2nd key for the channel intro on Patreon. If you want on the discord you are going to have to earn it. I wish this site was quite because people were actually making animation, but I think all the fan boys don’t have enough elbow grease to get their pencils moving.

no, I understand. Just wondering if he was ok. You know you can still get your head down and come back every week or two, right? I know I have to earn it. Hell, everything in this industry has to be earned. However, the point of the forum is to forge each other, so what good is it for if it’s too quiet?


I like your positivity. I agree, we should be encouraging each other and providing constructive critique. See you in 2 weeks when I have got something to critique. Lol

Also, we should probably not use this post for further discussion since we are somewhat off topic.


Applications are now open again!


Applications are closed again. Keep an eye on my twitter feed for when I announce that I’ve finished reviewing applicants. If you haven’t heard anything by then, you weren’t accepted for the discord. If you didn’t make it in, feel free to PM me on discord to see why you didn’t get in and how you could improve your chances for next time.

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