Suggestions w/ Animation routines

So, here’s where I’m at;

(My current portfolio:

I’m currently doing a separate course for 3D, but I’d really like to get a 2D portfolio together, in the hopes of someday getting a job with it (I’d prefer frame by frame 2D over 3D anyday).

The problem is… I don’t know what I should animate!

I want to make sure that what I am working on will be finished/good etc, which in itself is a balance between time spent on a project, and milestones (for example, I was recently trying to do an animation a day; which just seems to end in failure as the animations don’t look great…) .

How would you approach this?

As this is a bit specific of a request, I also don’t mind if this branches out into a ‘Routine suggestion’ thread, as the title says.


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There’s this thing:

I’ve never done these exercises specifically but some of these are similar to the stuff we do in school every week. I don’t know how busy you are but looking at at least the level 1 to level 3 exercises, it might be possible to do one of each every two weeks if you want to make them look finished.