The Average Time That Anime Style Animators Take To Draw A Single Frame

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I wanted to get an idea of how long an animator take to draw a single frame. How long would it take to draw a rough drawing, a tie down drawing and a clean up one. I know that that depends on the amount of details that the character has and how complex the movement is, but if there is an average, I aim to achieve it.

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usually takes me 1-2 hours to do one key frame and around 40-90 minutes on in-between. And that’s on a good day.


I will try to answer indirectly, cause i am still not an animator. But i can draw lets say, fast,(not pretty fast maybe, but that close). As everything it takes time to become good. And animations frames as you can notice are never full body, so there are not much details as in an illustration generally. I guess that before animating from zero they try put the best drawings first, and i guess they take more time than the others. So for example, if you have a drawing style like love is war it will take for the keyframes maybe 25 to 40 minutes. Inbetweens if you put them it will takes probably 20 or 30 minutes . And this is for a simple styles. If you take a style like kabaneri it takes more probably. More lines , more times. But its not important to fkus on the time. Whats important is to improve the skill first. And if you practice daily you can become very good in 1 year. Cause animation is just a process. What isnt a process is the skill.


That’s the same with me too


For a key frame on my professional work, I spend like 15-20 minutes, and for a douga frame I spend 30-40 minutes.

Speed is really critical for anime since pay is very low. If you are taking too long it’s probably because of a lack of gesture skill, draftsmanship (hand eye coordination) or reference skill (being able to reproduce a character model quickly)


Thank you all for the replies, they’re very helpful.

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