Tonari Animation is Accepting Animators

Hey everyone, sorry that I haven’t been too active lately. I’ve been doing a lot of work on various anime’s with my new studio. I wanted to put out to you guys that we’re currently looking for Key Animators. We’re open to debuting people in anime as long as they have the skill necessary for the work.

We provide support for the pipeline so the main requirement is that you are at least well versed in our youtube content, and have good drawing/animation skills.

if you want to learn about the studio go to If you’re interested in applying to join the studio send your animation samples and an introduction to!

Thanks and I’m looking forward to the applicants.


Cool, I lool forward to seeing more of that lovely Striving for Animation intro! Best of luck guys!

Wow! Cool! I lost track of the animation here from some time… sorry… My last animation was the tribute to KyoAni - Violet evergarden. Too much work elsewhere and I couldn’t keep along with animation. Happy for Tonari Animation and the international talents working with you… awesome. I’m leaving in Belgium but I was born in Chile so happy to see one artist from Chile beeing part of your team. Keep the good work. Looking forward for what’s coming out from the studio.

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Seen stuff from the team through twitter and youtube, been loving it! It’d be awesome to work with an animation team but it’s unfortunately too stressful a work for myself :sweat_smile:

Do you aceppet animator who working by hands? A like the tradicional japanese animation?