Tools used for better line quality

Hey guys I got a question about line quality. What’s the kind of pen/marker they used for this type of line quality, experience aside ?
This is Wolf’s Rain, from the early 2000’s, if this can help.
chara_tume_s3 wolf's_rain_production_art_27

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Find a line quality you like and scan that at the dpi you like at and composite it accordingly.

It’s about finding what works for you and what doesn’t. There may be a production “pen” animation studios use, but that’s in their tool kits with a huge production line. What I mean is, ink (whichever way you have access too, hand or digital) an animation still with different widths and pens or digital brushes and scan that in at different dots per inch-just and scale it registered to your field size.

For instance, I knew one guy, during university, who would animate in a tiny rectangle because his inked lines at 350 dpi was what he wanted in the final composite. And I also knew someone else that would ink these pristine smooth lines with a technical pen but would scan them at 36 dpi because he liked how “naturally” jagged the scans came across in the final image. Both wanted some “hand-drawn” quality.

If you want super smooth, I suggest looking into inking your animation with vectors. Clip studio paint has a pretty good engine and I recommend that software for its versatility (just not as an editing nor a compositing tool) for both animation and comics.

Hope this answers your questions and doubts. Best of luck and happy animating! :grin:

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Oh okay, I thought there was kind of a standard brush or tool for every production. But I kind of found the answer myself after copying several shows. Thanks for the answer.