Twitter: A way to get your animations shown to others//job opportunies & big animation companines?

Is it really a great way to show off your animations? I would really like to know more about it (I’m going to read the terms and agreements and other stuff first but it will help me to know its usage for an animator)

What about other social medias like YouTube, Instagram and DeviantArt? (I guess it can be cumbersome with so many other videos and posts)

Thanks for your answers! Really appreciate it.:smiley::smile:

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Typically for twitter, it’s all about posting often and using the right hastags. Your stuff will be seen eventually and you may even be contacted in due time, but you don’t necessarily post to social media with that intention at the helm.

As for gaining audiences for any major social network there are a few guides out there you can locate via google, but here’s one that I’ve been trying to adjust to using a social media managers.Posting during high times will allow your content to be seen by the most people using that particular site during that particular time. Keep in mind, I’m not sure these records account for timezone differences?


Japanese Anime Production assistants will use Twitter to find animators. If you have japanese in your description it will help you get noticed. You also need to have some drawing/animation work so they can trust you will be able to do the work.

It says "I’m a 2d animator and youtuber. I’m studying japanese. I’m available for freelance work. "

I’ve gotten messaged by quite a few Production Assistants with this bio on my page.



In addition to this, what else is necessary if you agree to do work for a studio (portfolio, demo reel, resume. etc)?

Good Tip, Jarrett! I’ll add some to my bio as well.

Thanks!!! Sorry for the long reply…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Thanks for sharing! It really help!:hugs::hugs::blush: