Using OpenToons for Cell Colouration

I’ve mainly been using Clip studio for 80% of my workflow for animation, including colouring the genga and douga I draw. But it was briefly mentioned in the Striving for Animation youtube video ( that OpenToonz can work as a good program to colour in cells before exporting them into after effects. How does this work? What is this process?

dont know
I am using Clip studio 100%
its good

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This tutorial series goes over animating in OpenToonz, specifically via scanning in frames drawn on paper. Coloring is covered in the 3rd part, but it may be helpful to watch the rest of it. I should mention, though, I work entirely in CSP. The main difference is that in OpenToonz, it appears there is an algorithm to automatically fill in colored lines, whereas in CSP, I have to fill the lines in manually.


I see, this was very helpful, but it seems about as fast as doing things in CSP entirely

from what I’ve seen, csp has better tools for coloring…and I think it will became much better in the future.

Let’s hope so, I’d love to be able to have the program colour the frames automatically at some point. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Cacani is able to do it

Yeah, but the automatic coloring is pretty useless when it comes to complex movement and complex characters. OpenToonz can do something similar (color all the frames based on ghe first and last cels) but it has the same problem.

When it comes to complex animation, doing it by hand is still the only option.

I found this article that properly describes the process of creating an animation in CSP and coloring it in OpenToonz. I just tried this for myself, and yeah, OpenToonz has a way smoother coloring process than CSP. Hope this helps!


Interesting. I will try that.
But I can’t understand why Clip Studio Paint owners do not release an english version of PaintMan… it is way more simple than OpenToons. When Ghibli used the equivalent of OpenToons for their animation (done on paper) they made the colors with PaintMan. I’m doing my colors in CSP but that’s not professionnal enough on that point we can agree :wink:

Been trying for a while but I cant seem to export to opentoonz. A window opens up with “install path settings for OpenToonz” and I’ve tried setting the path several times to move forward, cant seem to get it right

If I get it well, you must export in the folder sandbox --> scenes of Opentoonz
here is a video for PC. I am on Mac. Not much explanation but maybe it can help.


There is an extra step for me before that window pops up, this one does and I haven’t managed to make it export properly because of itWindowPopup

Aha, I manged to solve the issue I was being dumb and wasn’t looking in the program files directory

After playing around with it for a bit and testing out the auto frame range filling, it almost seems just easier to do the colouring process in Clip studio entirely. It’s very hit and miss with what it colours throughout the frames and can lead to colouring errors that have to be constantly reverted backwards and tweaked


This is the most detailed guide I’ve found so far on the CSP > Opentoonz pipeline. If you have the translate addon in chrome you can translate it to English

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the auto color line fill is the real magic timesaver

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what about using other animation software i.e Krita for genga and then getting colour in Opentoons? Because these tutorials seem to be specifically for CSP