What if you couldn't reach Japan or live there? Discussion and Experiences

I love, strive for drawing, personally and specifically:

  • character design
  • poster/cover illustration
    I would also strive to do:
  • animation (from a to z… maybe no voice dub aha)
  • storyboarding

Unfortunately, I do not live in Japan. I do live where pizza taste is good at least… but I cannot eat it because I am a gluten free person.
I have dreamed hard about going in Japan, to change my life or just for an exploring trip; I never took a plane flight cause my motion sickness problems wouldn’t allow me to do that, I may give up if I cannot find a way to do it.
My goal in Japan would be to learn from industry professional people, absorb the absoluteness of japanese aesthetics into my style, and not only work in animation, games or big studios, but by myself with Illustrations. I love to do that.
I think it would also help my social life, since I am someone who is really focused, for some reasons, on what other people think of myself; changing place where to live would really boost my personality in everyday life and work!.

Did anyone here, except Ilya, made the jump, alone, with a friend, with family, and got to any conclusion or wanted to share his/her experience?
What if we couldnt reach Japan, for some reason, and still wanted to make a career, a life in drawing on today entreteinement industry topics?

I would like to hear from anyone of you!

I think it still very possible. Thank to the power of the internet it always possible to talk to anyone in Japan animation industry.If I wanted to reach Japan, but couldn’t the best thing I could do is improve my skills and hope someone in Japan notice.

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