What kinda things do you enjoy animating or making backgrounds for the most?

Anything goes really! Could be kinds of shots, movements, environments, anything!

If you’re like me and do other parts of the process outside of animating and/or making backgrounds and would like to say what kinda shots or anything you enjoy about those feel free!

Super curious to see what y’all come back with! :smiley:

I like most aspects of the process which makes it hard to pick what I like the most, but I definitely know which I really don’t like: clean-up and line-art coloring. Being super monotonous and not very creative, I think it’s the biggest reason I procrastinate on my projects.

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For me it’s definitely action sequences. There’s just something about an animated medium like anime that allows for such expressive and dynamic movement without it feeling too surrealistic. I grew up watching a lot of martial art movies, especially The Raid 1/2, Drunken Master, Rush Hour 1/2/3, IP Man 1/2/3 and 4 is on the way, Fist of Fury, Unleashed, etc. Eastern martial arts choreography is so captivating exciting to watch. So when I see it depicted so dynamically in animation, I’m a sucker.

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Subtle acting is what I enjoy the most. Giving the character just the right emotion really fills my heart.

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Totally understandable, monotonous work can be verrrry boring lol

Makes sense! Action sequences are so cool! And yeah that kinda choreography is amazing, totally agree with all this!

Makes sense! That kinda stuff sounds hard to pull off but it must be so satisfying when you do! I’m horrible at subtlety in anything so I really admire that kinda skill!

Subtle movement/acting is tough! The smallest mistake will really pop out especially after you inbetween/clean it. I think character animation is my favorite though. I enjoy it the most but i also aim to improve in other areas like action or fx.

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Fx are challenging for me, but I still enjoy trying until they work :fire: