WIP/Feedback & Critiques

The sniffle at the end could be a little slower, but overall I think you did a great job with the tears.

This started as me trying to practice rotation and hand animation and somehow evolved to this.
I can’t explain it, really…

so did the hand change from right hand to left? coz it charges the right hand first and shoots from the left, so im kinda confused :confused:

Yeah, it went from right to left. I kinda was messing around with this one. But wanted to test finger movement and rotation. Sorry that it was confusing.

Wouldn’t let me link to my instagram video for some reason, so here’s a gif. Was definitely a fun learning experience as far as effects animation and cutouts go. Much faster to animate complicated models this way.



Here is the result of my learning experience. I drew it in like 3 or 4 hours. Some things feel off, would like to hear your ideas on how to improve the roughs!


I’m not a pro but I can tell some anatomy is kinda off. And the anticipation frame, the body should be lower and the arms are more stretch. Maybe she had a demure behavior but you still have to show it. The head at the end got bigger too. The timing is fine for me tho.

here a sample for you :slight_smile:
hope it helps


I’m a novice myself, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but for your second pass, try some breakdown frames after the girl throws the paper in the air. Other than that, I think it looks fine. But I’m no professional, maybe someone has something more detailed to advise.


Hi. Im wetxian and I am on a animated project by my own. I leave you a clip of one of them. I am sure i need so much practice of animation so if anyone can help me, is welcome! ^^

Disclaimer: I’m not a pro

The very first one is Fix the timing . It looks like you just add frames on the same spaces to each other. Learn about the Time Chart . There is a good tutorial on Youtube about that, seach “ Toniko Pantoja ”. Please add “ Anticipation ” to your frames too. The body is kinda stiff too. You should work for anatomy first. Don’t worry if it’s gonna take a long time to finish, that’s part of learning.

Why the lower half of her body dragged tho? Also make the body fluid too. She’s a martial artist, I should see it from her movement. Please use references, like watching a video of martial artists from Youtube and try to copy their movements. It will help you a lot.

Here I give you some Poses. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Uploading: 18.jpg… Uploading: 19.jpg… Uploading: 20.jpg…

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Heyo! Heres a piece im working on, I probably wont clean this up since im focusing on movement 100% right now. I was hoping to get some feedback on it. This piece is focused on body mechanics, gesture, and character acting, even though its still needs like, 3 inbetweens, is this overall successful? I only started like, a month and a half ago so im still not good at judging my own work. Thank you! Stay safe yall!

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thank you so much for you contributions!! I saw before the Toniko Pantoja’s channel and i learn about him. Thanks you for the poses!!

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Alright, here you go. Hope the animation is easier to read now. Also I’ve adjusted the symmetry of her face a little bit. The mistakes are very easy to spot once you mirror cels by flipping them upside down. But since I’m mainly a digital artist who has a bad habit of zooming in things a lot I still need to get used with such detailing.


Minor complaint, maybe between cell A3 to A4/A5 fix a bit of the timing. I would imagine when you throw papers in the air as energetic as the character depicted would be a bit faster and as the papers fall there would be a slow out as she lowers her arms as you have here.

EDIT: And maybe you could hold cells A1 and A2 with a maybe a breakdown A2.5 to build anticipation.

Just my take. With that said, I can see the difference. Good job nevertheless.

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This is an old animation I made a couple months ago, but I thought I’d show you guys. I was messing with animating while utilizing dynamic 2 point perspective. I was inspired to try this after watching an animation made by roadsign. I’m still working on posing since figure drawing in animation is something I want to improve and overcome.

Once again, still very amateurish myself, but I would say timing like I suggested with alex. When the claw grips your character and pulls it up, have another frame that pulls it up slightly higher and hold it for a few frames. This way the animation builds up a kind of anticipation before it inevitably slams the character down. It kind of happens suddenly right now the moment the claw picks the character up.

Heyo! Thank you for the feedback! Im definitely seeing the timing issues now. I will definitely try to fix it!

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Its ya boy rediculous again. I fixed up my previous study, and decided to move on to making a full scene to learn the entire animation process. I storyboarded this study using the japanese style storyboard layout, and theres 2 cuts. Right now its in the rough stage since I do have a character sheet for this character, but I changed some things like her eyes and hair, so I have to redo them later. I think this is turning out awesome so far, but what do you guys think? I definitely feel my timing has improved drastically since the last piece.
Also, if anyones interested, im looking for some dedicated people to hang out with while animating since animating has been fun, but its been kinda lonely. I was gonna audition for the discord, but I didnt improve fast enough to make a portfolio… If anyones interested hit me up!
Have a great day everyone and stay safe!

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oh and here was my warp up for the day, it looked cool so ill post it!