Your Thoughts on Pirated Software?

I’m just curious (I swear I don’t pirate these stuff), but what are you guys’ thoughts on cracked software? My digital art club instructor gave out CLEARLY pirated Photoshop CS6 at the beginning of the term. I didn’t copy it, because I already paid for CS6 before Adobe went subscription based, but I’m just curious as to what you think about them. Personally, I don’t really care if people are using them if they can’t afford them (Creative Cloud is RIDICULOUSLY expensive), but what about people who are using them, not necessarily for professional use, even just for hobbyist use, when they can actually afford it? I know some people do this because they don’t wanna give Adobe even more ridiculous amounts of money, but what about other software development companies? Is CELSYS swimming in money? Does that even matter? I’m rambling at this point but I’m guessing you get the point. Do you think it’s “bad” to pirate software, and why?

Don’t do it. I don’t want people pirating my anime or art and want to to hold that same standard with other information goods. There are tons of other affordable or free software that is very capable. You just have to put in the time to figure out how to use it for your purposes. I think my favorite example is this guy.

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Thank you for the reply. That’s a great take. I wouldn’t want people using my artwork without my permission either. As for the video, that was a WILD ride. :joy: Just goes to show you can make do with whatever’s available.

I would think there is reason in say not paying in creative cloud but then mayby donating to and/or buying softwhere from smaller companys you want to support.

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